Delray police: Man steals Jaguar to drive to drug buy, then has it stolen


A homeless Boynton Beach man stole his boss’s 2005 Jaguar and drove it to buy crack cocaine. Then, someone stole the car from him, Delray Beach police said.

Patrick Holcomb, 51, was arrested Monday evening for grand theft auto. He is being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on $5,000 bail.

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Holcomb was hired by an auto-repair company on Atlantic Avenue west of Interstate 95 the week before, and the manager let him sleep there since he didn’t have anywhere else to go, according to an arrest report made public Tuesday.

Holcomb got a text from his drug dealer July 27 offering to sell him some crack cocaine. Because it was raining, Holcomb was reluctant to take his motorcycle, the arrest report said. He broke into a lock box in the garage and took the keys to a 2005 Jaguar Type-S, a car that the owner of the shop left in the garage while she was on vacation in New York. Video surveillance from the mechanic shop showed Holcomb leaving in the car at about 6 a.m., two hours before the car was reported missing.

While buying $30 worth of crack, Holcomb told police that the drug dealer’s friend jumped into the Jaguar and fled.

The car was found Saturday in Boynton Beach. Holcomb was found Monday near North Swinton Avenue and Southwest 4th Street.

PBSO: Realtor spent property-investment money on self


A Palm Beach Gardens man was arrested last week after telling his Swiss cousin he would use his money to invest in real estate but instead used parts of it for his own expenses in the years following the collapse of the region’s housing market, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Albert Rosen, 77, was charged with three counts of grand theft over $20,000, according to court records. He was released from jail after making $15,000 bond Friday, the day before his birthday.

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Rosen’s second-generation cousin wired him a total of just under $1 million throughout 2011 and 2012 with the faith that Rosen would invest the money in real-estate properties through his Boca Raton company, Realty 3000. Rosen told his cousin he invested the money into five different condos. In reality, Rosen only bought three properties in Royal Palm Beach for $200,000, according to the arrest report made public Monday.

Rosen invested some other money into properties, but sold them at a loss, the arrest report said. Rosen updated his cousin on the amount of money in the bank accounts to which he had access. Bank records obtained by the sheriff’s office show that Rosen spent money from these accounts on personal expenses such as car repairs, groceries, insurance, cash advances golf and shoes.

Rosen told his cousin that he had taken some money from the accounts, saying “I am currently financially broke and funds are not there,” according to the arrest report.

“I did not use your funds for pleasure. I am trying to find a way to raise funds. I am asking you for time to work it out.”

Rosen did send his cousin $43,500 at some point, according to the report, but owed thousands more. The cousin never got any more money, despite Rosen saying he would send it.

Rosen has not been charged for a felony before, according to court records.

Delray Beach man on probation arrested in series of burglaries


A man on probation is in the Palm Beach County Jail after he allegedly broke into several vehicles while under surveillance by police agencies, according to an arrest report.

John Thomas MacNeil is also facing charges that he walked into a home in Palm Beach and stole a wallet containing $1,500.

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MacNeil, 32, is facing a dozen charges including various counts of burglary and probation violation. McNeil is being held at the Palm Beach County Jail without bond. He was sentenced to two years probation through September 2017 after he was convicted in Broward County in 2015 of burglary of an occupied structure.

Among other charges, MacNeil is accused of walking into a home on the 100 block of Canterbury Lane in Palm Beach and stealing a woman’s purse containing $1,500 and several gift cards, the report said. MacNeil was able to enter the home by posing as a construction worker, the report said.

MacNeil is also being charged with breaking into several vehicles in Boca Raton. MacNeil was witnessed entering vehicles by members of the South Florida Task Force before his arrest Friday.

Asked about breaking into a landscape truck in Boca Raton, MacNeil told told police: “I was out snooping around today, yea. I’ll keep it [expletive] real with you guys,” the report said.
MacNeil added that “when I get high, I do stupid [expletive].”

As Boca Raton detectives were completing their investigation, MacNeil’s fiancée showed up at the police department about a bag she found in her car that didn’t belong to her. MacNeil was allegedly using the woman’s car when he was arrested. The vehicle was then towed to a tow yard, the report said.

The bag was allegedly stolen out of a truck from a woman working for a landscaping business.


Lantana Police: House workers robbed, pawned items from elderly couple

Lantana Police arrested two men Thursday

Christopher Barry
Christopher Barry

after an old couple claimed they broke in, stole, and pawned items from their house while hired to work on their property.

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Christopher Barry, 24, and Travis Edwards, 23, were hired by a Lantana couple to “do various handyman services at their home,” located on Southeast Atlantic Drive, according to the arrest report. Police were informed that Barry attempted to cash a check , worth $850, from the couple’s checkbook that went missing.

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The couple told police that their sterling silverware, two Louis Vuitton purses, a Louis Vuitton computer case, a gold watch and $1,500 cash were also missing from the house, the police report states.

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Barry and Edwards did not have permission to enter the house without their permission, the couple said to police.

When officers questioned the two suspects, Edwards admitted to stealing the couple’s items. Edwards told police he sold the stolen silverware to a jewelry store in Greenacres for $130, and pawned the Louis Vuitton merchandise for $80.

Barry also admitted to forging the check, which he said he found on the floor of their garage.

Edwards faces charges of burglary, grand theft, and dealing in stolen property. Barry was charged with forgery, grand theft and robbery.

Travis Edwards
Travis Edwards

Delray police: Women pawned stolen golf clubs to buy heroin


A women who was an accomplice in a string of burglaries in south Palm Beach county – most recently pawning golf clubs to buy heroin – was arrested Thursday night, according to the Delray Beach Police.

Cathy Stewart, 25 of Boca Raton, is charged with false verification of ownership and dealing in stolen property from a theft she was an accomplice to in early March this year. She is being held on $5,000 bail.

Stewart remained in the car while Joseph De Jesus tried to walk out of the PGA Tour Superstore with “golf clubs down his pants,” according to the arrest report. While leaving the store, De Jesus broke the golf clubs and dropped them on the floor.

The two, along with Stewart’s fiance Colton Reice who was driving the car, then went east on Linton to the Sports Authority. De Jesus walked out with a Callaway Big Bertha Driver and a Tommy Armour 5 Iron – this time with the clubs in his hands.

De Jesus was arrested in the middle of March, one week after stealing the clubs and is still in jail.

Police searched a pawning transaction database that showed that Stewart sold the clubs to Fassst Cash Pawn on Hypoluxo Road in Boynton Beach, 15 minutes after the robbery — about the same amount of time to drive between the two locations, city police say.

A week after robbing the Sports Authority, Stewart was linked to a petit theft at a PetSmart in Boynton Beach when she, De Jesus and Reice were tying to make fraudulent returns.

When arrested last week, Stewart admitted to having a hand in the Sports Authority robberies and pleaded not guilty for the PetSmart theft.

Stewart was still in jail as of Monday afternoon.


PBSO: Boynton-area teen stole checks, credit cards in separate thefts


A suburban Boynton Beach teenager is accused of stealing a check worth about $2,500 from one car and a wallet containing credit cards from another, according to the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

Shaki Straw, 18, was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Thursday afternoon after posting $30,000 bail. He faces charges of vehicle burglary, grand theft and fraudulent use of checks and credit cards.

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Both thefts took place in suburban Boynton Beach, west of Florida’s Turnpike near Boynton Beach Boulevard.

According to a probable-cause affidavit made public Thursday, Straw is alleged to have taken the wallet in early June from a man’s car. The 42-year-old victim canceled his cards and notified deputies, but not before Shaw apparently charged more than $300 on the cards at Chik-Fil-A, Dunkin Donuts, the H&M clothing store and a local smoke shop, the affidavit said.

Through surveillance footage, deputies saw Straw using the stolen cards to by himself and his friends food. When confronted with the evidence, Straw admitted stealing the cards and making purchases with them, and was charged $21,000 for  vehicular burglary, grand theft and five counts of fraudulent use of a credit card.

In the other theft, a stack of checks went missing in November after the owner of a Delray Beach restaurant left them in her car overnight. She reviewed her banking statements two days later and noticed that someone had tried to deposit one of the stolen checks at an ATM in Miami within 24 hours of the theft, the affidavit said. Investigators discovered the $2,463.37 check was deposited into an account for a company, V-Tech, the affidavit said.

In March, deputies received a search warrant to search Straw’s bedroom and found the stolen restaurant checks stashed under his mattress and in his dresser drawers.

Straw has no previous felonies, according to court records.

FWC: Burglar hid among turtle spotters at MacArthur Park


A suburban Boynton Beach man tried to hide among a moonlight turtle-sighting group at MacArthur Beach State Park after he stole his girlfriend’s car and broke into its guard shack, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. 

Matthew Montgomery, 21, was being held in the Palm Beach County Jail on burglary charges Friday morning following his arrest late Wednesday. His bail has been set at $3,000.

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FWC officers were called to the North Palm Beach park after learning the guard shack’s windows had been smashed, according to a probable-cause affidavit made public Thursday. Park managers then got a call from the turtle-sighting group that there was a man in their midst with cuts on both his feet who wasn’t part of their tour.

Montgomery told officers that he had taken his girlfriend’s car to get ice and drinks for a gathering in Juno Beach, got lost and ran out of gas south of MacArthur. He said he then ran from the park’s front entrance all the way across its lagoon boardwalk to the beach and joined the turtle-viewing group because “he thought it would be cool,” according to a probable-cause affidavit made public Thursday.

Montgomery’s girlfriend told police a different story. She said that he had stolen her car earlier that day, and Jupiter police confirmed to FWC that they were looking for Montgomery.

As officers were putting him in handcuffs, Montgomery blurted out that he had burglarized the guard shack, smashing its windows with two large rocks, and stolen a hand-held radio.

The girlfriend decided not to press charges for the stolen car.

Boynton police: Man steals 15 panties from Victoria’s Secret


A West Palm Beach man’s apparent fondness for women’s undergarments landed him in jail this week after he allegedly stole more than $150 worth of panties from a Boynton Beach Victoria’s Secret store.

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City police arrested Melton Lee Butler Jr., 50, Monday after an employee at the Victoria’s Secret in the Boynton Beach Mall told officers that he took 15 women’s panties from a table and hid them in a shopping bag. He was detained by a security officer after he walked out of the store without making any attempt to pay, police said.

The panties reportedly were valued in total at $155.50. Butler was being held Tuesday in lieu of $3,000 bail.

He has prior convictions for misdemeanor retail theft in June 2014, police said. He is also a suspect in two other Victoria’s Secret retail theft investigations, according to police.

Boca police: Mall employee defrauds store of $70K to impress girlfriend


A Boca Raton department store employee’s attempt to impress his girlfriend landed him in jail last week after he defrauded his employer of nearly $70,000, police said.

Boca police arrested Joe Gerard Dieudonne, 55, of Fort Lauderdale, Friday night on charges of grand theft and organized fraud. He was released from the Palm Beach County Jail Sunday on $8,000 bail.  Officers were called to the Macy’s store in Town Center at Boca Raton mall after a store security officer reviewed a return that Dieudonne had processed two days earlier.

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Dieudonne conducted a return in the amount of $614.67 for a customer who only had $164.10 worth of merchandise, police said. After being questioned by store security officers, Dieudonne allegedly admitted  to giving merchandise to his girlfriend of seven months. He pretended to scan merchandise and allowed his girlfriend to leave without paying, police said.

Dieudonne also processed receipts from previous purchases, placing money on the woman’s credit cards and he issued fraudulent gift cards and cash purchases, police said.

In all, he allegedly gave his girlfriend about $54,000 worth of merchandise and conducted fraudulent returns in the amount of $15,863.29, police said.  The report does not indicate whether Dieudonne’s girlfriend will face any charges.

Family Dollar robbery in Lake Worth lands two Miami men in jail

Two Miami men have been arrested after they allegedly stole bath and beauty items in February from a Family Dollar store in Lake Worth, then shoved to the ground an employee who tried to stop them, according to an arrest report.


Steven Gamble, 29, faces charges of robbery without a weapon and larceny. Gamble was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Friday after posting a $12,000 bond. Antwon Stanley, 29, also faces charges of robbery and larceny and is being held at the jail in lieu of $5,000 bail.

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According to an arrest report, Gamble, Stanley and a third unidentified man entered the Family Dollar store at 1321 N. Dixie Highway, at 14th Avenue North, in Lake Worth on Feb. 21 and filled their cargo pants with body wash and other items, the report said.

As the men made their way to the front doors without paying, the store manager tried to stop them. The female employee was pushed to the ground but managed to get the license plate number on the men’s getaway car, a Chrysler 200, the report said.

The men left with $560 in stolen items.

During the course of an investigation by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, it was learned that the car was a rental under Gamble’s name, the report said.


Detectives also learned that Gamble was allegedly involved in a pair of retail theft cases from a Family Dollar store at 1206 S. Dixie Highway, near 12th Avenue South, that took place during a three-day period in August 2014. In one of those cases, Gamble assaulted the store manager after he locked the suspects inside the building, the report said. The men escaped by kicking the doors open.