PBSO: Three Acreage men arrested in grow house operation while asleep

The Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office SWAT team arrested three men in The Acreage on Wednesday who were living in a house used to grow and distribute marijuana.

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Raul Ruiz-Palau, 38, Yunlet Rivero-Riquene, 30, and Jorge Rivero-Riquene, 33, each face charges of trafficking, cultivating and possessing marijuana, as well as possessing drug paraphernalia.

PBSO arrived to the home located at 16396 Key Lime Blvd., and found the three men sleeping in a room that only had two beds, according to the police report.

Officers found one bedroom and a garage used to grow and package the pot, which were occupied with high-intensity lights, and garbage bags, pots, buckets, and drying trays containing the drug.

“The total approximate weight was 45 pounds of marijuana … not including the marijuana from the third bedroom … plus the marijuana we swept up off the floor,” police said.

The three men remain in Palm Beach County Jail, with Jorge Rivero-Riquene held on a $69,000 bail and Yunlet Rivero-Riquene and Ruiz-Palau on a $59,000 bail.

Raul Ruiz-Palau

Raul Ruiz-Palau

Jorge Rivero-Riquene

Jorge Rivero-Riquene

Yuniet Rivero-Riquene

Yuniet Rivero-Riquene

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