Jupiter police: Teen robs man, recognized as high school classmate

A Jupiter teen was arrested after robbing a former classmate from Jupiter High School with a stolen handgun Sunday night.

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Isaac Samuda


Isaac Samuda, 18, faces charges of robbery with a firearm, and was turned into the Jupiter Police Department after the victim recognized him from a class they took together.

According to police, the victim, now 18, was driving his moped to a home on Riverwalk Lane, east of Central Boulevard and north of Indiantown Road, to meet his girlfriend when Samuda approached him with a large black firearm. Samuda put the weapon against the victim’s head and forced him to drive his moped away from public view.

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Once Samuda stole the victim’s belongings, another man showed up and fled with Samuda over a wall that divides two developments. When police arrived, the victim said he recognized Samuda because they took a history class together. He also told officers that the second man who arrived with Samuda was wearing a Jupiter High School shirt.

K-9 units found a backpack near the crime scene that had a handgun inside, a school notebook with Samuda’s name written on it and Lagos’ stolen phone.muda

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