Boynton police: Four more dealers arrested in month-long drug op

(Clockwise from top left) Moses Clay, Edward Hamilton Jr., Antonio Bryant and Marcus Marshall (Contributed)

(Clockwise from top left) Moses Clay, Edward Hamilton Jr., Antonio Bryant and Marcus Marshall (Contributed)

Boynton Beach police arrested four alleged drug dealers this past week as part of a month-long operation that has netted 17 dealers sine May 1, according to the department.

The busts came after an investigation called “Operation Dope Death,” in which agents set up controlled buys using confidential sources who purchased heroin, cocaine and marijuana from dealers throughout the city.

Moses Clay, 37, Edward Hamilton Jr., 19, Antonio Bryant, 26, and Marcus Marshall, 33, were the latest suspected dealers arrested, police say.

Clay had 150 caps, or 28.5 grams, of heroin on him when he was taken into custody, so he faces a possession and sale of heroin charge. Hamilton also is charged with possession and sale of heroin.

Bryant is charged with sale of heroin and sale of marijuana, while Marshall is charged with possession of heroin, cocaine and marijuana, according to police.

“We told you more arrests were coming…” reads a Facebook post by the Boynton Beach Police Department.

In the first week of May, the department arrested or issued warrants for the arrest of 13 alleged dealers, many of whom had previous histories of drug sale or possession convictions.

In the course of the operation, the department seized 62 grams of heroin, 82.5 grams of cocaine, 90.4 grams of marijuana, more than $4,000 in cash, eight cars and one gun.

The department conducted the investigation in response to a rise in heroin overdoses in the city, which has more than 90 reported drug overdoses since January, according to Stephanie Slater, police spokeswoman.

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