PBSO: West Palm-area woman stabbed herself while trying to stab ex

Arielyss Jalynna Vargas

Arielyss Jalynna Vargas

A West Palm Beach woman is facing a charge of aggravated assault without intent to kill after she allegedly tried to stab her ex-boyfriend with a knife, according to an arrest report.

Adding to her problems, Arielyss Vargas cut her fingers while allegedly swinging a kitchen knife and needed to be taken to West Palm Hospital for treatment, the report said.

Vargas, 20, was released from the Palm Beach County Jail on Thursday under supervision.

Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies were called to Vargas’ home in suburban West Palm Beach on Wednesday morning in response to a domestic dispute. The ex-boyfriend told deputies that he had thrown a cellphone against the wall because Vargas was speaking “to other guys on the phone while he is the one paying for it,” according to the report.

Vargas began punching the 24-year-old man, then headed to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife. The man dialed 911 after Vargas allegedly tried to stab him several times. During the confrontation, Vargas accidentally cut her fingers, the report said.

The report does not state the extent of Vargas’ injuries, but deputies found a large pool of blood on the kitchen floor.

Vargas told a deputy that she grabbed the knife after the ex-boyfriend broke her phone, keeping her from calling law enforcement, and refused her request to leave the residence. Vargas said she “tried to scare” the man by stabbing at him.



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